10 reasons to buy from us...

  1. Integrity

    If it's on the label, it's in the product.

  2. Quality

    Committed to using quality ingredients in all products to ensure that no ingredients will cause adverse reactions.

  3. Safety First

    All materials are stored in tightly sealed containers and routinely checked for expiration. In addition, all products are manufactured in a clean and sanitary environment.

  4. Quality Test

    All products are tested for efficacy and safety on a human beings, big and small :)

  5. Green Life

    All ingredients are natural and will not harm you or the environment. Paper is used instead of plastics for packaging to ensure that when disposed of, it poses no additional threat to the environment.

  6. Product Size

    Family size products.

  7. Fast Delivery

    Quick turn around. Products can be shipped same day or next day, depending on time of order and/or quantity of order.

  8. Consistency

    Products are made in small batches to ensure that the quality and consistency of the product is maintained. This is an assurance that the products can be trusted.

  9. Critics

    Children are are the biggest critics, and they most honest. If they love it, it must be good. They even have their favorites.

  10. Love

    All products are made with time, care, joy and absolute LOVE.