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Commitment to Quality

At Sudelia's, we strive to make products which are high in quality, and low in fussiness. This means that our products do not contain a long list of indecipherable ingredients. We believe that simplicity is key to creating pure, consistent, and quality products. A product need not be complicated to be effective. Our products are made in the simplest form, but with enough ingredients to be beneficial. The intention is to ensure that they do the job of cleaning whether it be on your skin or your household objects, to detoxify and sanitize. All of our products are made in very small batches, using precise measurements to make certain that the end results are consistent and has the same yield every time. My hope is that our soaps impart the same level of pleasure and satisfaction for you as it does for me and my family.

Why Natural Soaps?

Natural soaps are better for your skin, and for your body as a whole. Your skin is an organ and the first line of defense in combating environmental free radicals, such as pollution and other external toxicities. Skin absorbs the some of the topical solutions that we apply on a daily basis. They permeate through all the layers and eventually into the bloodstream. Consequently, we're continually at risk of compounding the problem of free radicals. One solution for reducing the effects of free radicals are Antioxidants. They are known to neutralize free radicals. Commercial soaps contain one or more chemicals which may increase the incidence of free radicals in the body. The key to overall healthfulness and well-being is to limit the exposure of our bodies to known toxins and chemicals.